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September Community Meditation Recording

September Community Meditation Recording

Guided Focused Awareness Meditation

Guided Meditation Audio

Guided Meditation Video

[I’m offering these free guided meditation in the lead up to the Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training Course starting Oct, 9th. More about that soon!]

In this free guided meditation, we spend the hour doing a blend of mindfulness practices to ground ourselves in the body and connect to the heart before I lead you through 20 minutes of basic mindfulness meditation practice.

In the last two community meditations, we’ve practiced a more blended technique of focused and open awareness mindfulness meditation. In this meditation, we approach the practice a little differently with a more focused frame of attention.

The Body

As we engage with the embodiment practices, we slowly start to feel into our entire breathing body. This is incredibly important for meditation.


Because many of us just meditate from the shoulders up – in our heads. But meditation is a whole body activity.

The more you can ground your attention fully in your body, the richer and more productive your meditation practice will become. We also include music in the practice because it’s such an extraordinary tool for opening your mind and heart.

Focused Meditation

During this focused awareness practice, just like basic mindfulness we work on two essential meditation skills: steering and staying. Steering the attention back to your meditation object and then staying on your meditation object–the breath.

Steering and staying are foundational skills for all meditators—two essential pillars upon which we build our inner temple.

But today, we pay closer attention to the different contours and character of the breath, approaching it with one-pointed interest and attention. The goal here is to become deeply intimate with and close to the breath so the mind can experience calm abiding.



Chanting (Humming)
Pranayama (Breathing)
Guided Meditation – Basic Mindfulness

Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training Course

Finally, if you enjoy these guided meditations, then look for information later this week about the Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training Course. If you’re interested in starting a daily meditation practice, or rekindling your daily practice, we’ll spend 4 weeks sitting together every weekday morning live and over Zoom. I love this course and the deep community bonds it engenders. If you enjoy these guided meditations, you’ll love this course. I hope you’ll consider joining me.

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