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Why Anti-Aging Supplementation May Be Your Secret Hack for Looking And Feeling Younger

It is impossible to keep your body healthy and beautiful without giving your cells the proper tools they need for maintenance and cleansing. These..


It is impossible to keep your body healthy and beautiful without giving your cells the proper tools they need for maintenance and cleansing. These are the nutrients you consume through your diet, but there are beneficial compounds available in plants that are not edible that you can introduce with supplementation. Also, many nutrients are only available in low amounts in food, and supplements can supply you with the dose you need to reap benefits.

For example, the quercetin you get from eating a kilogram of onions can be introduced into your body with only one Quercetin supplement capsule. Also, some nutrients are difficult to absorb when you introduce them with foods or teas such as curcumin available in turmeric. What makes supplementation the best option to consume and assimilate them.

Exist many compounds that your body produces that decline after a certain age and it has an anti-aging effect introducing them again through supplementation. A good example is the Coenzyme Q10, which is very important for the health of your heart. It is one of the nutrients I recommend in this article to take to renew your heart and whole cardiovascular system.

As you can see, Knowledge is the secret weapon to reverse your biological age and look younger. Because it is important that you know the benefits of nutrients, the best time to consume them and the best dose for you. Otherwise you will not get results and very often the recommendation you read on the product is not the best to achieve your goals.

This is why it can be very beneficial to have an expert guiding you and if you would like to know which can be the best supplements for you, according to your age, body type, diet and life style, book a laser coaching session with me here. To have an idea about the best tools you can introduce for certain purpose like reversing your biological age or lose weight.

Why Anti-Aging Supplementation May Be Your Secret Hack for Looking And Feeling Younger

The first step before taking anti-aging supplements

Before consuming supplementation, it is important that your digestive system works properly, otherwise most of the compounds you put in will be wasted. If you normally consume a lot of medications, ultra-processed foods, alcohol, sodas, and eat just a few raw fruits and vegetables for sure you need to improve your digestive system before spending any money in supplements otherwise they going to finish in the bathroom and not in your body precisely.

Many people ignore how important enzymes are. No mineral, vitamin and hormone can do any significant work without enzymes. That is why I do not recommend consuming synthetic vitamins and instead I encourage my clients to eat raw fruits and vegetables that contain the full cluster of nutrients. Because if you consume the vitamin without enzymes, the nutrient is assimilated much less and your cells work much harder and for longer.

By keeping your cells busy digesting stuff you do not allow them having the free time need it for cleaning and repairing your body, what causes deterioration. Enzymes are produced in your body but they can be consumed to facilitate the digestive process. They are available in raw fruits and vegetables like kiwi, pine apple, papaya, banana, mango, ginger and avocado. Consuming enzymes allow to your cells having free time for a greater body maintenance.

Enzymes help your body utilize the nutrients that you introduce, they also help to perform very important tasks for the improvement of your whole organism and your bod reduces the production of enzymes when you get older. This is why it could be strategic taking them in supplementation for a better assimilation of the nutrients you introduce every day.

In eBay there are many products with enzymes like this one that contains Serratiopeptidase.

Which is an amazing nutrient that your body doesn´t produce, it is very beneficial for improving the circulatory system and reduce chronic inflammation that is deeply involved in many age-related disorders such as diabetes, sarcopenia, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease.

By consuming digestive enzymes in supplementation is increased the assimilation of the nutrients you introduce to your body. But be aware that certain foods like refined sugars, white breads, refined grains or alcohol deplete your body nutrients, especially sugars, starches and carbs. When your body oxides the sugars nutrients from your meals are used and from the body reverses as well, this is why many cereals for children are unhealthy.

When you consume donuts, biscuits, crackers, ice creams, candy bars, sodas or alcohol your body uses stored nutrients to clean that garbage introduced and that food promotes aging and deterioration by releasing from your body the nutrients you need, which are important tools for your cells. Also, those foods keep your cells working hard for a few pennies.

But there are some things you can do to reduce the negative impact caused by eating sugars and carbs. One of them is consuming sprouts after or before those foods. Which are very nutritious foods with a lot of enzymes that your body can use to digest sugars or carbs. In my opinion eating sprouts often can be a strategic habit for reversing your biological age, and if you want to know the reason, check out this article or book a coaching session with me now.

Why Anti-Aging Supplementation May Be Your Secret Hack for Looking And Feeling Younger

Which are the best anti-aging supplements ?

There are some nutrients that improve very strategic body functions that benefit your whole organism. A good example is the Coenzyme Q10 that improves the mitochondrial function. What provides your cells with energy to operate as they did when you were younger. Another strategic nutrient can be Berberine, which reduces the release of insulin, the hormone that stops very important body functions each time that is released by your pancreas.

In this article I am talking about the best supplements to take for reversing your biological age, and they are very popular. But it is important to consume different types of supplements because they are tools that your body needs to keep your organism in perfect conditions. A good example is milk thistle, which is not considered an anti-aging supplement, but is the best herb to consume to cleanse your body of toxins that cause your body to age.

So, for reversing your biological age is important to supply the body with different types of nutrients because different tools are need it in certain areas for their proper function but as well because you activate with them different gene expression. The foods and beverages you consume influence your genetic expression, positively or negatively. For example, just vitamin D3, signals thousands of genes. Which is the most important vitamin for your body.

In addition your age, gender, diet and habits determine the supplements that you might need. For example, for people over 50 years old ginseng supplementation and CoenzymeQ10 is more beneficial than for someone around 30s working in keeping the body looking young. Also, black cohosh is amazing for woman in menopause but not for man, or if you are a person who do not consume raw vegetables DIM supplementation could be a good support.

In conclusion the nutrients that your body needs are different from the tools other person should introduce to reverse the biological age. The supplements that I recommend to my dad are completely different from the ones that I recommend to my mom. Who needs to improve their bones with AKG a very popular anti-aging supplement while my dad needs Berberine, Turmeric or another of these supplements that hep to renew the cardiovascular system.

Since many people have no idea about how their own bodies work and the best natural compounds they can use to increase beauty, energy, health, performance or certain strategic bodily functions, I decided to launch my laser coaching session. When everyone is welcome to meet me virtually for 30 minutes to find out the best supplements to take according to the body type, gender, age, diet and habits. If this is something might interested you click here.

The deadliest diseases can be caused by a lack of a single nutrient like vitamin K2, which deficiency promotes calcification of the arteries, leading to strokes or heart failure. As you can see, having me as a coach can be a good investment and you will have a new friend, but if you cannot afford it, keep reading this blog where I share all my secrets for free and if you found value on this article please share it and subscribe to my newsletter, to keep in contact.

Thank you, you are amazing :)


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Title: Why Anti-Aging Supplementation May Be Your Secret Hack for Looking And Feeling Younger
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