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ResMed AirFit F30i Review

After the disappointing rollout of the AirFit F30 mask, Resmed had the good sense to incorporate the feedback and create the Resmed AirFit F30i. As a ..


After the disappointing rollout of the AirFit F30 mask, Resmed had the good sense to incorporate the feedback and create the Resmed AirFit F30i. As a result, we’re looking at a solid cushion mask with full-motion capabilities. If you’ve been taking note of the positive reviews, it’s natural to want to know if you should upgrade. Let’s find out!

Pros of ResMed AirFit F30i

Resmed Airfit F30i full face mask

1. The Cushion

If you aren’t a fan of full face masks or they make the bridge of your nose incredibly itchy, the cushion for AirFit F30i will please you. The cushion is designed to rest on your top lip while covering your mouth. It has 2 holes at the top which line up with your nostils to deliver CPAP therapy through you nose and mouth.

2. The Design

The hose attachment is actually at the top of your head when you wear the mask. You can roll the hose around as much as you like to suit your sleeping position. Detaching the hose is also easier with the Quick-Release Elbow function.

There are also two vent sections on the cushion. One is on the cushion itself and the other is on the top of your head, right on the attachment tube. As a result, you have a truly whisper quiet mask. However, sometimes, if the vents at the top of your head are suppressed due to the pillow, it can make hissing noises.

Considering that no part of the mask is visible from your philtrum to the top of your head, you also have an unlimited field of vision. You can easily wear glasses when you have the mask on.

3. Ease of use

There are small valves on each side of the tube connectors where it meets your face. If the power somehow cuts off, the flaps on the valves open. This allows you to breathe freely in your sleep, preventing you from suffocating from your own carbon dioxide. The moment the machine is turned on, the flap closes, thus preventing air from escaping.

4. The Size Option

Resmed AirFit F30i is available in pretty much any size option you can think of. While there is the usual small, medium and large, if you go to a clinic, you can find one with your exact fit.

Finding the right-sized mask is important not only from a comfort and proper seal perspective but also because of the design of this ResMed mask. The mask cushion and the headgear are connected. You can not detach them. So, a mistake in fitting could make you uncomfortable for days.

Cons Of ResMed AirFit F30i

These are the primary complaints about the Resmed AirFit F30i:

  • It is recommended that you do not overtighten the straps. Experiment a little to find a pressure that will seal the air but won’t cause you pain. The strap isn’t made to withstand a high level of pressure.
  • The edge of the mask seal can dig into your face from time to time. Usually, flexing your cheek gets the silicon back at its rightful place.

Final Thoughts

The Airfit F30i mask is ideal for people who do not like the traditional triangle cushion most full face masks have. The mask comes in several sizes and the silicon frame is stretchy and flexible. The headgear straps also connect magnetically as in most modern full masks. Overall, you get a pretty good deal.


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